Why Vegan?

We’ve picked out some of our favourite resources to explain why to go vegan and how to go vegan.


Peaceable Kingdom
Video explores animal sentiency through five farmers who had a crisis of conscience. This film questions life on the farm with heartfelt interviews and rare footage demonstrating the emotional lives and family bonds of farm animals.

Video graphically demonstrates the cruelty experienced by animals at the hands of humans.

Go Vegan World
Website explores why vegan:

“Other animals share our capacity to think and feel. They are aware of themselves and of the world and they value their lives. Therefore, they share the fundamental right not to be owned, used, bred, harmed or killed.”

Go Vegan World

Tamara Kenneally Photography


Vegan pledge taken by hundreds of thousands of people – join them here. Includes useful information about being vegan – a starter kit, eating out, products, recipes and more.

African American Vegan Starter Guide
Simple ways to begin a plant-based lifestyle.

The Vegan Approach
The easy approach to going vegan, includes a video and takes you through six easy steps.

Tamara Kenneally Photography


VGN News
Vegan views, politics and pop culture.

Fat Gay Vegan
Vegan news, reviews and events

UK Vegans Of Colour
Supporting vegans of colour.

Vegan Food UK
A friendly, positive and supportive FB community. Share your photos and experiences of vegan food eaten out and made at home.

Vegan Feminist Network
This site functions as a safe community for activists of all backgrounds.

Tamara Kenneally Photography
Photos about animals, the way we treat them, their stories and the relationships they choose to have with us. Tamara is very passionate about people being able to see farm animals as individuals instead of just seeing them as “livestock”.

Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary Ireland
News about the sanctuary, with many photos to help you get to know the residents.

Esther the Wonder Pig
Life through the eyes of Esther, as written by Steve and Derek who founded Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary. “We are just two normal people who happen to love animals. Esther has become a way for us to share that with other people, and hopefully help others see how smart and amazing these creatures are.”

Graphic from Go Vegan World Campaign