Guide To Devon

If you are local to Devon or a visitor; vegan, plant-based or vegan-curious; explore our Vegan Devon Guide here..

Food and drink

Cafes, caterers, grocery shops, deli shops, cakes, chocolate and sweets – all based in Devon, all fully vegan companies.


Soap shops, books shops and zero waste shops. Online we’ve got ordering of soaps, body care, household cleaning, books, travel, candles, jewellery and even dog hampers. All based in Devon, all fully vegan companies.


Our events list includes vegan markets, fairs and protests, and when they’re organised, cookery demos and more. The listing covers the south west.


Get involved – animal rights/campaigning groups and sanctuaries in Devon.

Why Vegan

Websites, articles and video resources:

  • why vegan
  • going vegan
  • inspirational websites