Review: ReRooted Plant Milk

We tried out a new plant milk made here in Devon, by ReRooted. Their plant milks are bottled in glass and delivered. ReRooted then pick up the empties and reuse them.

Flavours include almond, coconut and oat milk with several new flavours in the pipeline. They are made with organic ingredients.

We tried the oat milk, first having a glass of it straight out of the bottle. It was delicious and slightly creamy.

Later we tried it in a hot drink and although it looked a bit darker than soya milk would, it tasted great and I’d happily drink it in any hot drink. ReRooted are also working on some new flavours including barista oat, cashew, hazelnut, hemp and rice.

Some of the features of ReRooted plant drinks:

  • Vegan company
  • Organic
  • Made locally in Totnes, Devon
  • One of the very few plant milks to be provided in a reusable bottle, in fact we don’t know of any others.
  • Not fortified with vitamins (organic milks are not allowed by law to be fortified)
  • It was £1.70 for 500 mls so a bit pricey, but it is a very ethical, green and high quality product so you are definitely getting what you pay for.

Our oat milk came from Seasons Vegan Store, 5 Well Street, Exeter, where they have a huge range of vegan groceries.

Find out more about ReRooted.

Have you tried it? Let us know your thoughts below.