Introducing Vegan In Devon

The idea came for the Vegan Devon Guide when we were at Exeter Vegan Market and saw how many amazing vegan companies exhibit there. It’s not always clear just how vegan friendly Devon is. So we’ve tried to put everything here – eating out, vegan shopping, vegan markets and fairs, vegan and animal rights protests.

The info is for locals and for visitors. It isn’t possible to cover everything but if you think we’ve missed something out – let us know!

The businesses listed are fully vegan and based in Devon. Why? Because they need your support and also it is out of the scope of this guide to try and list every business that provides vegan options. You can find this info on Happy Cow and local vegan groups on Facebook to name a couple of places.

The motivation for doing this is the animals that suffer the violence of animal farming and other animal industries – animal experiments, animal clothing and more. If you’re not vegan yet, sign up for a vegan challenge here:

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