Some of the animal rights/campaigning groups and sanctuaries in Devon.

Devon Against Horse Racing
Protest at and monitor local horse racing events. They work closely with Animal Aid, sending them reports and footage captured at the racecourse.

Devon Against Hunting
Individuals from communities across Devon coming together to support each other in their opposition to hunting. Support, campaigns, awareness, monitoring.

Devon and Cornwall Against the Badger Cull
A group of individuals campaigning against the badger cull from Devon & Cornwall. Standing up for badgers, conservation, and science.

Devon Badger Group
Work to protect badgers and their habitat. DBG help people with badger problems, and badgers with people problems.

Devon County Hunt Sabs
Peaceful direct action to protect wildlife in Devon. Active against hunting and the badger cull. Affiliated to the Hunt Saboteurs Association.

Devon Vegan (and Vegetarian) Facebook Groups
List provided by Plymouth Vegans – scroll down on the page.

Exeter Friends For Animals
EFFA was founded in 2001 to campaign against animal cruelty and promote a cruelty-free lifestyle. They consist of a wide diversity of people and talents and initiate campaigns locally and acts in support of national organisations, holding street collections and information stalls on issues such as factory farming, vivisection, live exports, fur farming, etc. EFFA also offer help and guidance to people seeking to go vegan and organise the very popular Exeter Vegan Market. They welcome new members.

On the edge of Exmoor, Fleecehaven is currently the home to in excess of 120 retired and rescued sheep.

South Devon Animal Rights
Oppose all forms of animal abuse by any lawful and peaceful method. Established in 1983 and affiliated to the Hunt Saboteurs’ Association.